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Swimming Pool Hydrotherapy and Swimming Support Equipment

Thomas Sports is a specialist supplier of quality swimming pool hydrotherapy and swimming support equipment to schools, colleges, primary schools, swimming pools, leisure centres, swimming clubs, swim club shops, swimming pool disabled clubs and other educational authorities.

We have been supplying a wide range of happy customers for many years and provide quality swimming pool hydrotherapy equipment at a very low price. We always have discounted offers running so be sure to check us out.

Swimming Pool hydrotherapy and swimming support equipment

Thomas Sports Offers one of the largest ranges of swimming pool hydrotherapy equipment including swim support collars, support rings, pool body support and aquasage sets and we offer great discount on many items.

  • Hydrotherapy and water support equipment including children`s swimming collars, adults swimming collars, pool weight support rings, body flotation support rings, aquasage sets and disc hydrotherapy body support
  • Swimming pool and water support equipment for the disabled, people with neck and back injuries, people who are paralised and adults and children with bad injuries.
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